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Rose Dance :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 1 0 Debbie Moon and Lita. ^_^ :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 2 0 Hector on my bed :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 4 0 Lotus Flower in beachwear :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 4 1 PvZ Heroes x Sailor Moon: Amazoness Ladies! :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 2 0 Cosmos Flower the Cat :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 7 1 (Chibi): Debbie Moon and Chibi Lina :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 2 0 Sylveon party! Debbie as Sylveon :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 5 0 Breeze Pluto and Ava Saturn :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 1 0 Amy Uranus and Sticks Neptune :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 0 0 Dorothy Jupiter and Isabella Venus :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 1 3 Sailor Senshi Maker 3: Savannah Mercury/Perry Mars :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 1 0 Sailor Senshi Maker 3: Debbie Moon/Chibi Lina :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 2 0 Parrot :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 3 0 Sonic Boom: Paper Sonic the Werehog and Amy Rose :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 5 0 Gothic Multy :icondebbiethemobiancat:DebbietheMobianCat 2 0


Sonamy Boom: Those Cute Puppy Eyes :icongothnebula:GothNebula 94 42 Hot Date X Blooming Heart - PvZ :iconbonkchoi:BonkChoi 4 9 Sally Moon-Sonic Xover 3of3 :iconchibibee:ChibiBee 27 8 sunflower human :iconicesunflower826:icesunflower826 7 6 Sally Moon-Sonic Xover 2of3 :iconchibibee:ChibiBee 34 10 Doodles 10 :iconplantsoflove097:PlantsOfLove097 15 1 [gift] Lil' bunny :iconsternfeuerr:STERNFEUERR 73 22 Missile ToexBanana Launcher 2017 version :iconlygiamidori:lygiamidori 5 12 AT: Come at me, Bro and Meet the Sailor Moon :iconlygiamidori:lygiamidori 5 9 Untitled :iconeevee0-0:Eevee0-0 25 2 Sparkling Absol :iconeevee0-0:Eevee0-0 26 5 Sonic/Chip Fusion? :iconsonicangel948:SonicAngel948 51 4 Sleepy... :iconsonicangel948:SonicAngel948 32 5 Moonie :iconsonicangel948:SonicAngel948 28 5 Drawing u :iconelectricpea0360:ElectricPea0360 33 44 JeeJee :iconartistic-sofie:Artistic-Sofie 23 117




My favourite Sonic Couples.
Sonamy: I love Sonamy because Amy truly love Sonic. Don't say that Sonamy isn't canon couple, I know it. But many fans love this couple. Blue and pink are nice combination.
Silvaze: I know that many fans love this couple. I love Silvaze too. Blaze was alone because other teased her. But I think that Silver did not gave to tease Blaze.
Shadouge: Gothic couple. I like this combination 😄 By the way, Shadow and Rouge are G.U.N friends. But they are couple.
Knuxade: Both are echidnas. And both are guardians (?).
Manina: Singers! Manic and Mina should make a great couple.
Taiream: Young couple. Many fans know that Tails is Sonic's buddy and Cream - Amy's.
Scouriona: Evil couple from Archie comics. I think that Scouriona is alternative version of Sonally.
Bicks: I didn't know about this. But now I know that Sticks and Big are great couple 😊 Purple and orange are great combination.
Jetave: Both are birds. I'm Babylon Rogues fan. I know, Jet and Wave are different type.
Vectanilla: They are adults. In Sonic X seems that Vector has crush on Vanilla.
I ship:
Silvamy: If I liked Sonaze, Silvamy is a great couple.
Sonally: Originally I hated this couple. But now I ship it.
Knuxouge: Heh, it is an original couple. I like this couple sometimes if Shadow broke Rouge's heart.
Knuxikal: Nice couple. But Tikal's real age is 4,000 years. And she looks like teenager.
Tailsmo: This couple is only in Sonic X.
I hate:
💔 Shadamy: I hate emo. And Amy is a calm, kind girl and Shadow is a dark hedgehog. I hate Shadamy very much. And Amy loves Sonic, but not Shadow. I think that Shadow and Amy wouldn't make a great couple.
💔 Shadikal: Who said that Shadow loves Tikal?! I don't believe.
💔 Sonaze: They aren't couple because Blaze loves only Silver.
💔 Shadaze: Boo Shadaze! Go Shadouge!
💔 Mephamy: The worst couple ever! Who believes that Mephiles loves Amy? No one!
💔 Chaream: I hate this couple because Charmy is a hyperactive bee and Cream is calm rabbit.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi!😉 My name is Adika! I'm Kazakh girl and I like arts.
What I like:
I love cute things;
I'm Amy Rose fan;
My favourite plants are Bonk Choy, Sunflower, Dusk Lobber, Red Stinger, Dandelion, Homing Thirstle and Cactus;
My favourite Pokemon are Eeveelutions.
I don't like people who steal arts and insult.
Welcome to my page!


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